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Heavy duty, PRONTO-PRIME, self primer HTE pumps are used in commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The HTE series self primer pumps feature high efficiency, Francis turbine impellers, quick self priming (venturi or vacuum pump), ring-oiled bearing lubrication with cooling jacket and hard faced mechanical seal.

Performance Charachteristics
Product Bulletin
Capacities to: 10,000+ GPM (2271+ m^3/hr)

Heads to: 1000+ Feet (305+ m)

Temperatures to:
180 F (82 C)

Speed ranges: 2400 to 900 RPM
Features & Benefits Markets
Suction lift to 24 feet.
High efficiency, Francis impeller design.
Cast iron fluid end with investment cast 304 stainless steel impeller(s).
Solid passing capability through 3+ inches.
Easy and quick fluid end swapping by simply replacing the bowl assembly.
American-Marsh 860B double cartridge seal with hard faces standard.
Exclusive, oil lubricated, double mechanical seal with no lip seal present.
Ring-oil lubricated power frame with high thrust capability.
Full circumferential cooling jacket around entire thrusr bearing assembly..
Vacuum assist priming options include venturi and vacuum pump options.
Trailers package options include containment or non-containment choices.
Skid or trailer mounting optional.
SAE mounting to engine eliminates alignment issues.
Many driver options (electric, gasoline & diesel).
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Mining & Aggregate
Power Generation
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