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Self primer pumps are used in commercial, industrial and municipal applications. The SST series self primer pumps feature back pull out impellers, quick self priming, full access to the impeller from the front of the casing, heavy duty check valve ensuring the casing remains full of liquid, heavy duty casings, semi-open solids handling impellers, oil lubricated mechanical seal, oil lubricated power frame and rubber coated wear plate.

Performance Charachteristics
Product Bulletin

3" Simplex

70 GPM @ 60 Feet

3" Duplex
140 GPM @ 60 Feet

4" Simplex

120 GPM @ 60 Feet
4" Duplex
240 GPM @ 60 Feet
Features & Benefits Markets
Suction lift to 24 feet.
The entire fluid assembly can run dry indefinitely.
High resistance to abrasion.
Large solids passing capability.
Optional pulsation damper on discharge side of pumping assembly.
Optional SAE flanges for coupling to driver.
Many driver options (electric, gasoline & diesel).
Solids passing capability to 3 inch spherical solids.
Integral 30:1 gear reduction housing to ensure proper pump operation.
Pump can be supplier on a fabricated steel base, a handcart or a high speed trailer.
General Industry
Mining & Aggregate
Power Generation
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