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Vertical turbine pumps are used in a variety of commercial, industrial, mining and municipal applications. Vertical turbine pumps are available in short set, deep set, submersible, mixed fow and propeller designs. These vertical turbines feature vitreous enamel coated bowl assemblies, extra heavy duty casings, high efficiency enclosed or semi-open impellers, enclosed lineshafts assemblies and optional metallurgies.
Performance Charachteristics
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Capacities to: 30,000+ GPM (6,813 m^3/hr)

Heads to: 2500+ Feet (762 m)

Temperatures to:
400 F (204 C)

Speed ranges: 3600 to 900 RPM
Features & Benefits Markets
Heavy duty Cast Iron/Bronze fitted bowls standard.
All bowl assemblies are flanged for ease in assembly and disassembly.
Bowls from 4" through 20" have an internal vitreous enamel porcelain lining and an external o-ring for drypit applications.
Heavy duty discharge cases with dual bearings on bowl assemblies through 16 inch.
Optional metallurgy available including 316 stainless steel, Cd4MCu, and other duplex alloy stainless steels.
"CR" models feature casted integral Abrasion Webs that minimize the erosion action of entrained abrasives due to the vortex action and the rotation of the liquid between the individual pump stages.
"CR" models also feature suction and discharge bearings with a minimum of 5 shaft diameters in length which allows for more support in the bowl assembly.
Special automotive duty options with separate thrust stand for use where special motor options are required.
Cast iron or fabricated steel discharge heads.

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