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The Neptune Booster Systems are completely assembled, wired and tested to the highest American-Marsh Pumps standards. All manifold and controls are factory set up for quick installation in the field. The compact design of the Neptune Booster Systems allow for easy installation through standard doorways already existing in many structures. Depending on system configuration Neptune Systems fit through doorways from 30” through 48” widths.
Neptune Booster Systems
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Neptune Booster Systems from American-Marsh Pumps can incorporate nearly any pump type offered today. From gear & end suction pumps through split case, self-primer & vertical turbine pumps systems can be engineered to meet your requirements. The diversity of pump types gives the Neptune Booster System increased flexibility.  Mixing of sizes and pump types on the same skid system are easily incorporated into the current Neptune offering. This diverse hydraulic offering allows for Neptune Booster Systems to have capacities beyond 20,000+ gallons per minute and pressures above 1000 pounds per square inch.
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Systems can incorporate any available AMP product currently manufactured.

Pressure Sensing Control Panel featuring:
Simplex, duplex or triplex operation
Complete lead-lag pump operation
Automatic pump alteration
Main disconnect
Power on light
Hand-Off-Auto (HOA) switches for all pumps
Individual pump run lights
High pressure shutdown
Low pressure shutdown
UL Listed control panel

Constant speed or variable speed options.
Two 4-20mA pressure transducers for proper system monitoring and operation.
Neptune Interactive Display (NID) allowing the user complete control over setpoints and system monitoring.
Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV's) standard on constant speed systems to allow for balanced system operation.
All 304 stainless steel suction and discharge manifolds.
Each pump in the system has two butterfly isolation valves to completely isolate pumps when service needs to be performed.
Each Neptune System is mounted on a fully groutable steel base allowing for proper mounting in the field.
Packing or mechanical seal options.
Neptune Systems can incorporate hydro-pneumatic pressure tanks on the skid or can be remotely mounted based on field requirements.
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